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Art in June Kent open studios

     1 - 16 June 2024     


Welcome to Art in June 2024!


And what a year this will be! New studios and returning studios of all shapes and sizes.Use this guide to create exciting trails to visit. We are here to welcome you in, to see an artist/maker demonstrate and chat.


We have a cornucopia of workshops to participate in. New bike trails this year – you will find them on the website from mid-May.


Art in June is all about community. An opportunity for you to dive into our world and enjoy.


We really look forward to saying hello!




Check out studio cycle routes here


Art in June would like to notify that Lottie Andrews at Pigdown pottery studio (no 31 in Guide) is closed due to unforeseen circumstances. We apologise for the inconvenience but do look at all the other studios they are open.


Join us for an exciting group show, where we bring together some of our diverse and talented artists and makers to kick off Art In June 2024 open studios.


This is a great opportunity to experience a wide range of art styles and techniques, and to meet some of the artists behind the work. You can then visit them in their studios during AIJ24. 


The Space Between 

Wednesday 22 May to Saturday 1 June 

Weekdays 10am - 5pm, Saturday 10am - 4pm

Video visits to some of our artists' studios, for more videos visit 
Art in June Kent - YouTube

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