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Jacinta Thomas, Blooms
Jacinta Thomas, Cupid and Psyche

About the Artist

I am an addict. The desire to create and paint is my addiction. My artworks of landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, flowers and portraits in oils, acrylic, watercolour, inks and pastels feed this desire. 

I enjoy the challenge of a new piece of artwork, it's an exciting puzzle.

As an untrained artist, Cathy Bird has influenced my creativity and confidence to achieve my goals.


Phone: 07725040152​

Email: jessiet@live.co.uk

Instagram: Jessiet2019



1. 'Blooms', 59x39cms plus frame, Oil on canvas

This painting is my version of

a 17th century Dutch painting of flowers

2. 'Psyche and Cupid', 80x60cms, Printed on canvas

Originally a sketch of the sculpture at the Wallace museum in London. I imported my drawing to the smart phone and then proceeded to colour using photo editor. I like the idea of an antiquity being presented using today's technology. 


3. 'Scottish Highlands', 40x 30cms, Acrylic on Canvas

Mother and child caught in the damp, cold and misty Scottish Highland weather. Vulnerable and bedraggled the little one looks for comfort.


Riverhill Himalayan Gardens

Studio Address

The Garden Room

Riverhill House



TN15 0RR


Entrance by pre-booked Garden tickets: £8




Follow signs to Sevenoaks from the A21, Riverhill Himalayan Gardens is on the right hand side half way up the hill into Sevenoaks.

Opening Times

Main opening time: Wed-Sun 10am-4pm

Artist present:

Fri 3rd 1-4pm

Sat 4th 10-1pm

Sunday 5th 10-4pm

Wed 8th 10-4pm

Thu 9th 1-4pm

Wed 15th 1-4pm

Sat 18th 10-1pm

Sun 19th 1-4pm

Jacinta Thomas, Scottish Highlands