6 Dione McKenna
Dione McKenna, Bluebells at Scathes Wood, Ightham, 60x90cm
Dione McKenna, Morning Sun on the Meadow

About the Artist

Always drawn to light and shadow in the natural world, currently specialising in wildlife art, landscapes and pet portraits. I live in Sevenoaks where the beautiful countryside and wildlife never cease to inspire me!


Email: dione.mckenna@icloud.com

Phone: 07949 572288

Website: www.dionemckennaart.com
Instagram: @dionemckenna_art



1. Bluebells at Scathes Wood, Ightham

Oil on canvas, 60x90cm

The light, colour and scent of bluebells in the woods around Ightham were truly mesmerising in May. I wanted to capture the warm purple glow of that sunny morning.


2. Rumination, oil on canvas, 41x41cm



1. A careful or considered thought 

2. Of an animal, such as cattle, the action of chewing the cud'

Having gradually moved to vegetarianism over the past two years, this portrait of a beautiful Highland Cow seemed to reflect that journey. I particularly enjoy painting animal portraits - contemplating their facial features, taking in all their quirks and just seeing them for the individuals they are.

3. Morning Sun on the Meadow, 20x20cm, oil on canvas

One of a series of small meadow paintings. I'm fascinated by the changing colours of grasses and wild flowers according to light levels, weather and time of day.


Riverhill Himalayan Gardens


The Garden Room

Riverhill House


TN15 0RR


Entrance by pre-booked Garden tickets: £8



Follow signs to Sevenoaks from the A21, Riverhill Himalayan Gardens is on the right-hand side half-way up the hill into Sevenoaks.

​Opening Times

Fri, 3rd June - Sun, 19th June

10am - 4pm

Closed Monday and Tuesday

Artist present:

Fri 3rd 10-1pm

Sat 4th 10-4pm

Sun 5th 1-4pm

Sat 11th 1-4pm

Sun 12th 1-4pm

Thu 16th 1-4pm

Sat 18th 10-4pm

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