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25 Margaret Devitt: Jessops Farm
Margaret Devitt, 'Rocks, Trees and Mountain', 38x51cm, Mixed media on board
Margaret Devitt, Glenborrodale
Margaret Devitt, Loch Sunart

About the Artist

​Margaret Devitt works in oils, oil and cold wax, mixed media, collage and printmaking. Her work is semi-abstract and abstract and is inspired both by her surroundings and the formal properties of colour, composition, texture, line and tone. She is more concerned with exploration and experimentation and the expressive qualities of mark making than rigid adherence to so-called reality. She is particularly concerned with finding a means to convey some of the dualities of life e.g. light/dark, rough/smooth, organic/inorganic, joy/sorrow, rational/irrational, here/there, order/chaos.



Phone: +44 7547 589002


Instagram: @margaretdevittart



1. Title: Rocks, Trees and Mountain

Size: 38 x 51 cm

Medium: Mixed Media on Board

2 & 3. These two adjoining images of Glenborrodale and Loch Sunart were painted in the autumn in the lovely, wild area of Ardnamurchan in Scotland.


Jessops Farm

Tonbridge Road,

Bough Beech TN8 7AU



Don’t believe your sat nav at the end! Stay on the B2027 – half a mile on the Edenbridge side of Chiddingstone Causeway, almost opposite Hale Oak Road.

Opening Times

Main opening: Weds to Sunday 10am–6pm

Late opening times: Friday and Saturday, 10–9 pm


Studio open artist will not be present

3, 4, 5, 10, 12, 17, 18 June


Studio closed

6, 7, 13, 14 June

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