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Claire Longley, On the Watch near Hadrian's Wall, 19x24cm, Etching
Claire Longley, A Gatling of Peckers, Etching with Watercolour, 29x25cm


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1. 'On the Watch near Hadrian’s Wall' 19 cm h x 24 cm Etching

2. 'A Gatling of Peckers', Etching with Watercolour 29cm h) x 25cm
I was delighted to learn that the collective name for woodpeckers is a gatling, which was adopted as the name for the famous ratatat machine gun.

3. 'In Lullingstone Woods', Etching 50x40cm

I have a lifelong love of the powerful strength and filigree tracery of winter trees and
Lullingstone is a great place to enjoy them


The Red House


The Red House,

Rectory Lane,




Go to Hever Castle. With castle on your left,
continue to T junction, turn left. Take 1st turning left into Rectory Lane. We are ½ mile on left.

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Main opening time: 11am-5pm 3rd–19th
Artist present: 4th, 10th, 11th, 18th

Studio closed. Mon/Tue 6th, 7th Mon/Tue 13th 14th

Claire Longley, In Lullingstone Woods, Etching 50x40cm