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Theodore Brian Gilbert
Theodore Brian Gilbert - Guide
Theodore Brian Gilbert
2 -Theodore Brian Gilbert
3 - Theodore Brian Gilbert

About the artist

Whilst I have always had a deep attachment to the arts, I have only recently begun painting on a regular basis. I joined Jessops Farm classes after Art in June last year, which gave me just the spur I needed and I now paint mainly in soft pastels which are wonderful for their rich colours and immediacy of use, especially for plein air work. I retired just before lockdown and managed to build my own garden studio in Hever, where I now spend a lot of my time. This is the first time I have exhibited my work. I hope you like it and enjoy Art in June.


Tel: 07857 875489



1. Atmosphere

Soft pastel on Pastelmat, 50cm x 35cm

2. Snow at Hever Golf Course

Soft pastel on Pastelmat 30cm x 40cm

3. Italian idyll

Soft pastel on Pastelmat, 40cm x 30cm


Jessops Farm Studios

Exhibiting with 8 other artists


Jessops Farm, Tonbridge Road, Bough Beech,

Edenbridge TN8 7A


Don’t believe your sat nav at the end! Stay on the B2027 – half a mile on the Edenbridge side of Chiddingstone Causeway, almost opposite
Hale Oak Road.

Opening times

Main opening: Weds to Sun 10am–6pm

Late opening times: Fri and Sat 10–9 pm

Studio closed: Mondays and Tuesdays


Artist present

Fridays, but I will also be providing demonstrations of plein air painting with soft pastels at the weekends. Please contact me if you would like more details or to join me.

Jessops Farm Studios artists


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