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16 Lucy Homer Jones
Lucy Homer Jones, Gaia
Lucy Homer Jones

About the Artist

I am inspired by the beauty of the natural landscape. My paintings celebrate the joy of being alive, a pure raw state full of positivity and energy.


Phone: 07971864324


Instagram: @lucyhomerjones



1. 'Gaia', 200x140cm, Acrylic 

2. I produce many small scale images on the way to a large scale painting, I constantly test composition and scale moving between figurative and abstract works.

3. 'Here comes the Sun' is a painting which depicts beech trees about to burst into life under a watery sun in the spring time.



Old Dairy 



Old Dairy, Old Swaylands, Poundsbridge Lane, Penshurst, Kent, TN11 8AH


Use Google Maps! From Penshurst, first right after Swaylands, then immediately right down a lane. We are at the bottom of the lane with white gates.

Opening Times

Open only: Sat+Sun (4+5, 11+12 18+19 June) 11am-5pm

Lucy Homer Jones
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