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Brendan Cullen
BCullen - Hula1
BCullen - studio1
B Cullen - Path
BCullen Torque 1

About the artist

Brendan Cullen works mostly in stone, his recent personal works investigate naturally occurring shapes, often more about a subtle imbalance of asymmetric curiosities that occur in relative lines, forms and a sense of movement in a static material. He has visited Pietrasanta many times over the last few years to sculpt and source stone for larger-scale commissions.



Instagram: @brendancullensculpture​

Pintrest board:


1. Hula

Carara Marble 

2. In my studio

3. Path

Rosso Lepanto Marble

4. Torque

Kilkenny Limestone


Dennetts Studio

Exhibiting with one other artist 


Dennetts, Dennetts Land Road, Crockham Hill,

Nr Edenbridge TN8 6RU


Drive through gates, past house, studio on right. Parking available.


Opening times

Wed/Thur/Fri/Sat/Sun 11am - 6pm 


Artist present at all the above times.

Dennetts Studio


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