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26 Angela Dewar
Angela Dewar, Tapestry
Angela Dewar, The Cornfield
Angela Dewar, From A Mosaic in Jericho

About the Artist

Angela Dewar is a textile artist, teacher and art historian. Her work includes major pieces in Salisbury Methodist Church,Truro Cathedral, Westminster Central Hall and the senior common room at Keynes College at the University of Kent. 

Her  work aims to reflect her love of travel, landscape, poetry and music. She makes commissioned embroidered and felted clothes. 

Recent discovery of some antique tapestries in a poor state of repair has led her to explore the idea of bringing fragments to life with machine embroidery.


Telephone: 01892 535993 



1. Machine embroidery on C18 tapestry, Recycled Fragment

Detail: 20 x 16 cms 



2. 'The Wheatfield’

Hand stitched image of a cornfield, inspired by lines from a poem by William Morris 'Now came fulfilment of the year's desire, the tall wheat coloured by the August fire'.

3. Design taken from an C8 mosaic in Jericho

machine embroidery in many colours



Jessops Farm

Tonbridge Road

Bough Beech




On the B207, halfway between Bough Beech and Chiddingstone Causeway, almost opposite Hale Oak Road.

Opening Times

Opening Times

Main opening: Weds to Sunday 10am–6pm

Late opening times: Friday and Saturday, 10–9 pm

Artist present

8th pm, 9th am, 10th am, 11th pm, 15th pm, 17th pm until 9

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